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Like all things that once are filed away, FINDING them again quickly can be frustrating without a system. Those of you who know me well will understand that I design and use many systems all in the name of being and STAYING organised.

I thought that I'd make a quick access/reference page for those cards I have made for different people with a quick access to the specific page on my Blog - like a quick reference guide if you like! If you want to see the detail just click on the description and it will take you to the specific Blog Post.

The Hush Hush Commission for Dave's Birthday - 11th July 2012

Here's to you Rodney Alan - 21st July 2012


  Just for you Elaine - 22nd July 2012

On Your Engagement - 23rd July 2012

A Star fold Card for Ngaire - 6th November 2012

Desmae's Birthday - Card 1 - Flower Pot - 10th November 2012 

Desmae's Do and Card number 2 - 11th November 2012 

Desmae's Birthday Card number 3 - 11th Novmber 2012

A card commissioned for Caitlin - 7th December 2012

A Christmas "Card" for Gail - 24th December 2012

A card for Lucy - 6th January 2013

A card for Joan - 10th January 2013

A card for Elizabeth - 22nd January 2013

A card for Jude - 24th January 2013

A card for Felicity - 28th January 2013

Cards for Kevin and Haley - 29th January 2013

A card for Frits - 30th January 2013 (OK not necessarily a commission - I just love it!)

A card for Ross - 1st February 2013

A concertina box card for Ella - 13th February 2013

A card bound for Canada - 20th February 2013

In Loving Memory Cards - 27th February 2013

One, Two, Three Side Step Card(s) two three ... - 12th April 2013

A Star fold Card for Alison - 19th April 2013

A Wedding Card fro Blake and Amanda - 20th April 2013

A Birthday card for Edna - 1st June 2013

A Wedding card with a story - 10th July 2013

An Indian Wedding Card - 15th July 2013

A Birthday Card for Catherine - 17th July 2013

A Garden Wedding Card - 25th July 2013

A Red, Black & White Wedding Card - 27th July 2013

A happy 55th Birthday Card for Dave - 31st July 2013

A 2nd Birthday Card for Caitlin - 1st August 2013

Congratulations - A Baby Girl - 12th November 2013

An Invitation to a 70th Birthday - 15th December 2013

Card is a box - or is it?? - 20th December 2013

An 80th Birthday card in a box for Norma - 14th January 2014

A Wedding card for Tegan and Robert - 21st June 2014

I'll add more as I create them so this reference stays up to date.
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  1. Wow Sally-Ann, I just love all of your creations! I just found you on Youtube, and really glad I did! Thank you ever so much for all of your inspiration! Have the most wonderful day! :0)

    1. Thank you so much Allana, I too am inspired by so many other fellow crafters and then I just add my own little twist to what I create. I so appreciate you leaving a comment. Mwah!


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