Monday, 24 December 2012

A Christmas "Card" for Gail

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I cannot believe that we are on the 21st December already with Christmas Day just around the corner. I am also very optimistic and hopeful that any Mayan belief about today being the final day is a myth and one that will remain. I hope so because on Sunday 23rd we are going to see Les Miserables at the Cinema! Can't wait! The movie has had such great reviews and we have seen the stage version so many times including on Broadway and London.

I have a quick posting for you today. It is a Christmas "card" commissioned by Dave for his wife Gail. As I know Gail I also know she likes things to be different and unusual, so I thought this "card" may do the trick. I have also done a video - which I will apologise now for as I filmed it thinking I was using the old camera so it is filmed upside down - Ha Ha! Lessons leaned. However by the very nature of this "card" it may not be too bad.

Here it is:

It's really pretty and is a Hexagonal Exploding Box Card. This explains why I have previously wrote "card" when I described it.
This card required lots of cutting and decoupage skills and then the final addition of Stickles Crystal Glitter.

More pictures:

Side view showing decoupage topping of the poinsettia.

Lid now off and first sighting of the inside of the card.

All the petals fall open to reveal the inside of the card - the video clip does give you a better view of this feature of the card.

I took an image of the bottom of the card to show that it is just as lovely as the rest of the card.

Here is the video clip I promised you .....

Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Happy Birthday Clare

A warm welcome and Hello from down under - how are you?
I have a Birthday card to show you today. It is for my sister Clare. I spoke with her yesterday at her hospital bedside, she went into have her hip replacement operation at 09.00am on the 13th and she and I are both glad that it all went really well. She sounded lively when we briefly spoke.
Clare's birthday is actually on the 14th and as I had posted a couple of things already I didn't want to burden you - so kept this posting until now.

Here is her card:

This is a Sizzix Pop N Cuts card.

I decided I'd like to make a "Girlie" card so used pink card stock from a First Edition card stock pack called  "Isabelle" for the card base.

The cream ribbon was from my stash as was the Special Sister sentiment.

Here's a close up view of the flourish I used which is a Sizzix sizzlet die on a sheet of Kaisercraft December 25th paper.

When you open up the card you see the Pop Up Feature created by the Pop N Cuts base die with the Flower insert as well as the Flower sizzlits dies used as toppers to the basic cut of the card.

The inside card is also from the Isabelle Card pack.

A closer view of the flowers in the middle of the card. I used scraps of pink card in two tones to make the flowers. At their centres I used Pearl Brads.

The green flourishes were cut from some stash scraps and are also part of the Hello Sizzlits pack.
The Harlequin ribbon was a Free gift from a Crafting Magazine as was the fine organza striped ribbon. The sentiment from my stash (probably from a kit card purchased ages ago!).

And there you have it, here's a list of the major ingredients I used to make this card:

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today. If you do have a minute drop me a quick word or two - just add it to the comments feature (look for the pencil) below. Thanks.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Get well soon Clare - A "Foot" card

Hi again.
I am doing a couple of posts today as I have some different cards that I'd like to share with you.
On more personal news - yesterday the 13th December 2012 saw all three of the Girls in my family, my twin sisters (I'm not a twin but have identical twin sisters!) and I had some sort of orthopaedic intervention done ! How incredible is that - spooky huh? All on the same day - OK just in different time zones...

Caroline (the oldest Twin sister by 10 minutes - yes they are identical twins) was having an Arthroscopy done in Jersey in the Channel islands.

I had a Cortisone injection in my right knee. The left is also receiving attention too but this will all culminate in a review by the consultant surgeon on the 18th December 2012 with, I suspect, an Arthroscopy happening early next year!

Then my youngest sister had the biggest trial of the three of us. Clare had her hip replaced. She has had two artroscopies done on both her knees and now they know it's her hips that are giving her the most difficulty.

It is with Clare in mind that I have this card to show you. I am not sure if she has received it yet, but as I know she's in Hospital she'll be receiving it soon anyway and won't see this post for a few days.
Here it is:

 I thought it rather appropriate given all that we were experiencing on the 13th. I came across the idea on a visit to a Crafting and Haberdashery store in Sydney and thought I'd give the idea a go.

The base of the card is made from Fun Foam (purchased from an art shop (Riot & Craft) that sells all sorts for children and adults) and I cut out the shape I had drawn and then pushed the toe piece (just like the real thing) through a hole (I made with my Japanese Screw hole punch) to make it look like a real Thong or Flip Flop (depends on where you are as to what you call it - I've had lots of discussions with my DBM (Daughter By Marriage) about this!!) I then added a Daisy Button on top of another foam scrap which I cut out with scissors and then adhered to the straps of the shoe using very strong glue.

For the card itself, which slots into the Thong/Flip Flop I drew the shape on some patterned paper from my stash, then fussy cut it out. On the top as you can see, I added Clare's name by using foam letters (I have a collection of these as my Grandchildren love them!!) which again I adhered with strong glue.

On the other side of the card piece I added a little handwritten sentiment and a little Ballerina. I hope that will make Clare smile!

Here's a close up of the little Ballerina.

This came in a set of Cup Cake holders purchased at Dymocks Book Store on a trip to Sydney.

I removed the tooth pick which was originally what the ballerina was adhered to.

I'll show you the box and description details next.

Here's the box they came in - aren't they just adorable? I couldn't help myself!!

This is the description label on the back of the box.

Well I hope she likes it when she received it! Hope you liked it too. Thanks for stopping by again today to see what I had made her.

Just a little post script if I may. Today a very close friend told me she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She'd welcome your kindest thoughts and prayers. Her name is Linda Harrison and she lives in the UK, some who visit my blog will know her. She is upbeat and full of courage and will get to hear the next stages of her medical rite of passage in the next few days. I'll keep you posted.
Lots of big hugs to you Loobie xxxxxxx

Made in Dorrigo Day 8th December 2012

Hi, I hope this posting finds you safe, well and in good health. I have heard from a few close friends just recently that they have sad news regarding their health; it's something we can never take for granted.

A quick Posting for now to show you some pictures of this Years Pre-Christmas Made in Dorrigo day. The day is held approximately every quarter, on Saturday mornings from 8.00 - 2.00pm.
All the stallholders bring their wares that must be (as a pre-requisite) produced or made in Dorrigo - hence the theme. We are a small beautiful town on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, on the Eastern seaboard of Australia; residing on a plateau 762metres above sea level with officially 1192 people.  You can find out more about us HERE. We are very proud of our little town!

I have some images to show you today of the event or more particularly my stall and an image of people and their stalls either side of mine.
Here they are .... enjoy!

Frits took a few pictures when we suddenly remembered to do so. My stall looks a bit depleted her, delighted to say many were sold, and it was so good to catch up with locals and meet some of the lovely visitors making the trip to come up the mountain to see us!

How lovely to see my Customers coming back time and time again for more of my cards. It's always such a pleasure to be asked to make cards for special events in people's lives. This year I created a little book showing images of the special commissions people had asked me to create for them. It gives others an opportunity to see what else I can get creative with!

Here you can see one or two of the stalls that were situated on the main street in Dorrigo (Hickory Street).

Misty Threads is a great shop for all the materials you might need to create beautiful Quilts and other crafts. Here you see Rosemary busy with a Customer.

Just up from Misty Threads is a lovely lady called Simone.  Here you would have found a stall showcasing the most gorgeous candles and they smell divine - all sorts of fragrances and colours to choose from.

I am showing you this picture because it gives you a view of the people on this side of Hickory street. You can see the stall selling all sorts of home made handmade items on the right of my stall. This lady made lovely Marmalade!

And there you have it. A good day was had by one and all. The weather held out for us despite weather forecasts saying we would be expecting rain showers. These came just as we all packed up and were away at 2.15pm.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a great time wherever you find yourself now!

Friday, 7 December 2012

A Card commissioned for Caitlin

Hi, I hope all is well wherever you find yourself on this amazing planet of ours! I am so excited about this post and have been waiting for the Birthday of the recipient to pass so that I can show you lots of photos and my first ever video (So this was the first in my "Video learning curve"!).

In May or June of this year, Liz, Caitlin's Mum asked me to make a card for her Daughter Caitlin who would be turning 18 on the 6th December. So this card had been "Brewing" in my mind for a while. The brief was that the card would be in Black and White, would include Music and the fact Caitlin played the Clarinet.
I was so fortunate to come across the inspiration in a crafting outlet and immediately I saw it, I knew this would be what I could use as the basis of Caitlin's card.

So here are some photos for you:

This outer box was actually an afterthought, as I had made the card and then thought "Mmmm what will I put the card into?"

By pulling on the ribbon you can open the box and inside is the card. As you can see I did stick to the brief of it being a Black and White card!
By the way most of the ingredients that I used will be added at the end of this posting.

So the card is out of its box and the next images look at each part of the card in more detail - just like the video. However you get to see these pictures the right way up!!!!!!
(That was Lesson Number One on filming cards on Video!).

So here is the card without box and background.
You can see ribbon on the side and at the top.
Next image will show more.

The card is more like a "Book Card" here I have opened it out and turned it over so what you are looking at here is the Back, Spine and Front cover of the card in overview.

I have now turned the complete Card over and this is what you see when you open up the card. On the left you see a pocket with a Tag inside. On the right you see a decorated "Concertina Box" with more tags inside. I'll show you them in al their detail next.

First the left hand side pocket .....

I found some Clarinet music "The Entertainer" on the web and decided to make a Tag for inside the pocket.
I added some ribbon at the top of the tag to ease its removal from the pocket.

Now for the right hand side of the card ....

This photo shows you a little better the concertina box. It's a little like the musical squeeze boxes you will have seen. The folds allow the card to fit within the book and keep the tags inside upright - in between the slots.

This compilation photo shows you the decorated box and tags within it in more in more detail.

A closer view of all the bits and pieces. I added a Pewter key (For the celebration of Caitlin's 18th) and an Antique silver Treble Clef charm - for her love of Music.

Here you can see the "Spine" of the Book card in more detail.

Lastly the back of the book card in more detail .....

I found this 60mm wood letter at Spotlight, painted it in white craft paint and then decorated it with Black Rhinestones - it looked do effective on the card.

I also promised a video so here it is:

The main ingredients used to make this card:

Thanks for stopping by today - it was a long post and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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