Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Bird House for Marley's Birthday

Hello. It's been ages I know. I have been putting my energies into getting my new knee replacement working. It's been 5 weeks exactly since I had the operation and despite a slip up in the shower (i feinted and had to be taken by ambulance to hospital - very exciting now but wasn't so much at the time!!!) a week after the operation all is going well. The physiotherapist is working it well so I will be ready for the next one due to happen on 4th December!

In the meantime and most recently we had a long bank holiday weekend which ended on October 7th and Tiffany , Jim and our two grandchildren came to stay. The weather was glorious and the weekend went too fast. I did however manage to give both Tiffany and Marley an early Birthday gift. Today I'll share Marley's and I'll show you Tiffany's at another time.

Here it is. A Bird House. I am so grateful to Laura Denison for the inspiration and design. It was such fun to make and I think the results were great. The roof flaps lift and inside is a photo album. I'll show you later how I decorated it.

Here's the Photo album that goes inside the little house.

The BLUE Page
This is the first page, each one has room for two small tags, a large tag that goes in the pocket that you can pull out, as well as the space on the back of the page.

The second page, I used al sorts of scarps of paper as well as American Crafts - Dear Lizzy - Lucky Charm.

The PINK page
It was a lot of fun decorating the pages. Using all sorts of odds and ends in my stash.

The PEACH page
I was particularly pleased how this page turned out. I added lots of little rhinestone Bling.

The GREEN page
The American Crafts - Dear Lizzy - Lucky Charm papers are lovely to use.

The last page of the album. I used lots of ribbons, wool and fibres for the tags that fitted into the pockets.

The COVERS - front and back
This is how I decorated the inside covers of the album.

One more of the outside of the little house.  I was able to ask someone to make me the little dowel pegs for the front of the bird house.

The flowers I made using quilling papers.

Here are two video clips I made. The first is an introduction and the second shows you a bit more detail.

The main ingredients that I used to make this project:

I do hope you enjoyed your visit. It is lovely that you come and look, I really appreciate it.

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