Sunday, 15 December 2013

An Invitation to a 70th Birthday

Hi my blogging friends. How are you? I have been out of things for a little while. As some of you know it is now day 11 after my second knee replacement operation and this knee (on the the right side) is definitely not behaving like the first! I understand it was in particularly poor shape, hence why it needed replacing and that may have a lot to do with the struggle I am having with pain and swelling. It's getting under control but testing my patience some what!
I have the staples removed tomorrow and my second physiotherapy session. I'll keep you posted!

I can now reveal the big commission I was asked to complete and have mentioned to you previously. I can show you the project now as they have been received and will be in the post to people shortly. The actual date for the Birthday celebrations doesn't fall until February and I am told that the invites will go out with Christmas cards so people can plan ahead.

Here is the invite:

I just loved the stamp by Kraftin' Kimme which I had seen on one of the blogs I look at. I am soooo sorry I cannot remember which - if I think of it I'll certainly come back and let you know.
The key theme for the invite was to involve Motor bikes. I showed Alison who had asked me to make the invites for her; a couple of images and she loved and chose "Danny".

I made the base of the card on my computer. I used a variety of Google images on top of some layers of blue (to create what looked like matted layers). I really loved the Denim pocket, the rest were just different images of Denim, which I layered together. I "inked" the edges by using a shadow effect in the graphics program I used.  I then added an oil splodge which I felt just fitted with everything.

I used memento London Fog to ink my stamp and then I coloured the image using a variety of Copics. I then used foam pads to add dimension to the image on the front of the invite and also to the words "An Invitation" which I also made on my computer.

On the inside of the invitation, I made some background paper using an image of a Harley Motor Bike on top of which I adhered (with DST - Double Sided Tape) the two parts of the invite - Alison had provided for me what she wanted to say. I have covered details for privacy reasons.

... and there you have it. I made 50 of these and that was a first for me!

Here are the main ingredients that I used to make this invite:

Thanks for stopping by today and reading my post. Are you ready for Christmas? "Tempus Fugit" - Time certainly is fleeing!

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