Monday, 21 March 2016

A Birthday Card made from Clare's desk scraps

Hello! How are you?
I promised to show you the card I made at my Sisters place in the UK, on the weekend when I was there briefly in February for work.

If you recall I mentioned that we had decided to make cards and she asked if I could help her by using the scraps she had on her crafting table (there were some good scraps!!!).

Here's the card:

I'm not sure where all the pieces came from.

I know I used a Sue Wilson Portuguese collection die for the centre of the card.

I think the silver frame is from a Spellbinders die that Clare had.

The card base was an A4 lilac cardstock that was smooth and matt. Clare had a pack of different colours. This suited the lilac piece of card that I used to cut the centre out with.

These bits and bobs were from a UK company that Clare uses a lot for her cards.

They do sell the most amazing card kits and specialty papers that all go together with these little CANDI buttons as well.
This kit was called Velvet Plum. Not sure they make it any longer  - they do have others sets that are really nice.

This is the company have a look at their website:

If you know someone in the UK they may be able to get things for you as Christmas  Pressies.

I was very lucky as Clare gave, me some super papers and kits. Postage may not be too prohibitive if you order a few things??!

This is the central panel. Which I cut out using Sue Wilson's Portuguese dies. I'll show in the ingredients section which dies they are as I cannot remember off the top of my head.

The little sentiment in the middle is also from Craftworks UK

Here are the main ingredients that I remember using to make this card:

Not too many ingredients this time. As I said most were what was on Clare's crafting table.

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  1. wow Your sister does have some great scraps on her desk. My scraps are usually that "just scraps". you made an awesome card. cheers.


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