Friday, 1 April 2016

A Double Slider Birthday Card

Hi Everyone. I hope you had a great Easter with a little time for yourself to enjoy some rest and relaxation. As Frits is still away working overseas I caught up on some Domestic Goddess duties and cleaned my windows and washed all my voile net curtains - must say I felt pretty righteous when I had done it! They were REALLY in need and I got quite the workout cleaning those large sliding doors that we have in the house. I did also spend some time making some cards yay!

Today's card is one of those. I wanted to try something different and I came across this video that gave me the inspiration to have a go!

If you can't see it copy this URL into your browser:

I will warn you now - I took lots of pictures so today's posting is a little picture heavy!

So let me show you my card first then I'll take you through some of the steps.

Doesn't give too much away does it? There are two tabs top and bottom by pulling either one, two more images appear ....

The stamp is from The Greeting Farm (all the stamps I used are from the same source). I'll put the details into the ingredients list below. I have had them ages and wanted to do some colouring.

As you pull either of the tables two other images appear.

I made the background paper for the images which I coloured using a whole heap of Copics mainly in a pink colour except for the hair which I wanted to be a different colour on each of the "Cheeky" girls.

Here are three of the girls with the card now fully extended. I'll show the back of the card at the end of how I went about making it.

I took a piece of X-press-it blending card stock and a blender and went berserk with a few colours of Marvy ink pads. They are water based so if I needed to I could spritz them a little, in the end I chose not to and left just the circles of colour as you see here.

I apologise for the grotty cutting mat - I have had it ages and it serves me well. I have tried to give it a clean believe it or not!! It's an old Creative Memories one, my daughter Tiffany gave me hers as she no longer needs it and it's almost pristine - so I save it for when I am cutting white cardstock.
Here are all four of the Girls. I didn't take a picture of them finished - I had another go at their hair as I wasn't happy yet with how I coloured it - you can see the finished pictures on the card itself.

Here I backed each image with the coloured paper I had made and some Kaisercraft Grape weave cardstock. All put together using DST.

This is the tricky bit - in retrospect I'd use a lighter piece of plastic bag, this was from the wrapping of some flowers I had received - was the right colour too.

It needs to be quite loose yet not too loose - you need to play with this a bit to get it right.

The card base is a piece(s) of cardstock in a trifold configuration and this is the far right hand side piece. I cut the card from some Kaisercraft pink weave cardstock and then attached the last left hand piece so the card was the size I wanted.

This shows what I mean a little better, you can see my join as well as the tab on the far left. I often do a little scribble drawing to help me with my measurements you can see this on the far left!!! I added a tab to the top of this image and then added a white eyelet as well for the ribbon to pass through.

Mmmmm forgot to label this as STEP SIX - - Here I stick the first image on at the bottom only, the attached video explains this better.

Now, here's where I made a booboo, so I had to add a tab to the BOTTOM of one of my girls so that it could be added here seemingly upside down, I used the image of "Ginger Spice" as I called her later so she didn't go to waste.

Once I had done that I folded the card and taped it up. I stopped taking photos of the process at this point - I just wanted to get it finished - it was looking so good and I was excited about how it was turning out!!

Here is the back of the card. As you recall I had an extra girl with the tab at the top. I made a pocket on the back into which she could go.

Ages ago I used a JustRite stamp and coloured it (from the Kaleidoscope Medallions set with the 3.25" wooden stamper, sadly now retired)  - this was in my stash crash pile and I thought here looked a good place to use it on the outside of the pocket!

Here she is ... so not lost at all.

When the card is opened this is what is on the back. I added a sentiment and writing panel on the back of "Ginger Spice" which you cannot see here.

I used a white broad Signo pen to finish off the edges of the pocket and tabs.

..... and there you have it!

The main ingredients that I used to make this card:

Thank you for stopping by tody. I hoped you like my little creative adventure!


  1. this is so cute Sally-ann. I love seeing these cards but as yet haven't attempted one. will have to do so soon. if you are a fan of pinterest you may like to check out my boards. projects to try and my cards. you may find some of your cards there. until next time. cheers. xx

    1. Hi Pearl, tried to look you up on Pinterest to no avail. Send me a link I'd love to take a look!


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