Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Harrison

Hello again my blogging friends and family.
Today I wish to show you my Grandson's 12th Birthday card. His birthday is on the 20th June and unfortunately we couldn't be with him on the day, however we did manage some time with him, a couple of days before, when I gave him his card from his Opa and me!

Harrison ADORES Minecraft, an on-line game that he plays with his friends. This was my inspiration for his card. I had to ring Tiffany to check the correct name of the game!!!

I took two photos - Here's his card:

I downloaded the image from Google as well as a Font you can download for free.
I then used Shimmer Sheetz from Elizabeth Craft Designs, embossing them with a couple of Sizzix embossing folders.

Here is an image of the inside of his card:

I used the image of the hand from Google which was one of the "World's" someone had created in Minecraft. I created a little "Pop-Up" device so that when you open the card the hand moves outwards.

The piece of Shimmer Sheetz at the side is a pocket into which we popped some money for Harrison to spend. I suspect you know what he'll spend it on!!!.

The few ingredients I used to make this card:

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