Monday, 1 October 2012

At home with Family and Friends in England

Hi another post from me today. To be honest there was a little bit of a drama with the Photos I will share with you today. Frits took them using his new Galaxy Note 10.1 (he's very proud of it!) and was trying to copy them across to my memory drive, in the process they somehow disappeared. (Read  - gone, trashed, deleted, no more on his Tablet, vamooshed, de nada , nix!!!)  Then he had the insight to check his DropBox on the computer and.... there they were. I'll never say another critical word about Drop Box again!

Here's my lovely friend Linda relaxing at home with her niece Emma (who is getting married in June 2013) and her lovely dog Rory. We stayed with them briefly at Cambridge on our travels in the UK.

This photo is Clare and I in her Dining Room looking at a family video on her i-pad!

 This series of photos are taken of us both up in her Crafting space.

I have just passed to her the Spellbinders Dies that she has waited months for as I had them delivered to me in Australia. She's being very organised and adding them to her Templates Book for reference. We also had not long got up, had breakfast and then we were straight up to the Crafting space!

We spent lots of time chatting and catching up on all our news as well as sharing our crafting goodies.

 OK that's all for now, Thanks for looking at my Blog. It's lovely looking at these photos again. My trip seems to be a long time ago - already!!! Tempus Fugit!!!

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