Thursday, 25 July 2013

An update on my knees!

Hi and how are you? I seem to be in full swing at last in terms of posting on my blog. I have been a little distracted with my painful knees. At last I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.I have firm dates for my Knee replacement operations: September 4th for left and December 4th for the right.

I went for a Three hour Clinic recently. I wondered, prior to attending, just what would take so long! Well I now know. There were 5 of us in "Class". We had informative inputs from Physiotherapy about exercises we need to do daily as well as after the operation. We had inputs from Occupational Health about all the devices that were available to help you carry on independently at home. Two GREAT tips: ONE - Use your long BBQ tongs to pick up your socks! TWO - put your soap tablet of soap dispenser inside the leg of a pair of tights or a knee high sock. This will prevent you chasing it around the shower as you can hang it on the rail! See told you they were great ideas - often the simple things make a big difference.

All good with Physio and Occupational Health. Then we had inputs from Nursing about what we need to bring with us, e.g. all the bits and bobs as well as a walking stick and a mattress protector (with sheepskin - saves on bed sores) and they like us to have our own as it cuts down on cross infection etc. We also learned about pain management and what we can expect each day of the maximum five day stay. Some people are out after a Total Knee Replacement after three days. They told us we will be up walking on our new knees within a VERY short time, if we get operated on in the morning we are walking on it in the evening. The sooner we walk the sooner we leave hospital. Mind you with all the pain meds they give you I think you could float down the corridor! I'll keep you updated on how I go!

I'll post a card on this blog next, so you may receive two entries for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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