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Made In Dorrigo Day - 23rd March 2013 and Cup Cards

Hello to you and hope you are having a Great day/weekend.

I have a couple of pictures to show of my stall at our Made in Dorrigo day .... AND .... a video clip that I am so excited about. I (and Dorrigo) was on the Local NBN News last night and Frits was able to cut out a clip that showed part of my interview so that I can show it to you .... it was very exciting!

I also have some pictures and another video clip of a series of cards I am calling "Time for Tea" - kit cards that I made and that were very popular yesterday and you'll see one of two of them in the Made in Dorrigo pictures.

MADE IN DORRIGO - 23rd March

Here is how I set out my table this time - I use the same cloth and Ribbon as people look out for me as they know what my table looks like.

The sun ( we are glad to say) stayed with us the whole time, it was very bright when I took these pictures at 8.00am.

This photo gives you a closer view of my table.

You might spot some cards that I have shown on my Blog previously or will be coming up as posts shortly.

Couldn't help myself ... my favourite shop in Dorrigo - it even stocks some English sweeties (lollies as we call them here) which remind me of my childhood in England.

Here's the News Clip I was telling you about - it is 1 minute 18 secs long ....


These are a super kit to make. They are a bit fiddly at first but having made a few they come together very well and very quickly.

I used my Martha Stewart punch on the white card base to add an attractive edge to the cards.

I have a few to show you in different colour schemes and I'll show this example first in detail so you get the idea of how they all look on the inside in their respective colours and themes.

Here is the card opened out. It looks stunning as you open the card, the cup and saucer appears.

On the side of the saucer is a little teaspoon ...

... and the Teabag sits inside the cup - inside are other sentiments that the receiver can open and see.
Just so cute ...

Another colour scheme and different dies to make the edge, this time I used Spellbinders Edgeabilities.

Another colour scheme and more Spellbinders Edgeabilities dies.

More colours and all wrapped up ready for my table.

Here's a video clip showing them in more detail .....

Here are the main ingredients I used to make these cards - other than the kits themselves.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed today's posting. If you'd like to see anything more leave a comment and let me know


  1. Hello,
    Your cards are just beautiful, I love these.
    Where can I buy the die please???
    Would love to make my mum a nice mothers day card for her.
    Thank you
    Perth WA

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments Irene. There is no die, these are kit cards. I can't remember where I got them from, My apologies. I think I got them in the UK.

    2. Just found the info: You can find these kits at, by Sue Douglas

  2. Oh ok Sally, thanks for that. These are just stunning. I just found a site where I purchased these & downloaded onto my PC but I am having trouble doing this, I think I have lost my money.
    Thanks a lot anyway, as said they are just beautiful cards.
    Have a nice day.

  3. These are beautiful, could anyone please tell me where I could get the kits or pattern or whatever I need to be able to make them . I would be very grateful to you. Thank you in advance

    1. Crafts you print (UK online shop) is the place you can get these cards from as a digital download. Hope this helps. On my YouTube video there is more info about where to purchase as well.

  4. Your cards are gorgeous!.I am a big fan of Sue Douglas and her twin sister, Sandi.
    They now have there own site called Designer twins.
    Since seeing your video, I have made one.To be honest I never realised they were so good. Look so much better when you are not looking at flat images, so thanks very much for taking the time to make a video. Linda


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