Friday, 7 December 2012

A Card commissioned for Caitlin

Hi, I hope all is well wherever you find yourself on this amazing planet of ours! I am so excited about this post and have been waiting for the Birthday of the recipient to pass so that I can show you lots of photos and my first ever video (So this was the first in my "Video learning curve"!).

In May or June of this year, Liz, Caitlin's Mum asked me to make a card for her Daughter Caitlin who would be turning 18 on the 6th December. So this card had been "Brewing" in my mind for a while. The brief was that the card would be in Black and White, would include Music and the fact Caitlin played the Clarinet.
I was so fortunate to come across the inspiration in a crafting outlet and immediately I saw it, I knew this would be what I could use as the basis of Caitlin's card.

So here are some photos for you:

This outer box was actually an afterthought, as I had made the card and then thought "Mmmm what will I put the card into?"

By pulling on the ribbon you can open the box and inside is the card. As you can see I did stick to the brief of it being a Black and White card!
By the way most of the ingredients that I used will be added at the end of this posting.

So the card is out of its box and the next images look at each part of the card in more detail - just like the video. However you get to see these pictures the right way up!!!!!!
(That was Lesson Number One on filming cards on Video!).

So here is the card without box and background.
You can see ribbon on the side and at the top.
Next image will show more.

The card is more like a "Book Card" here I have opened it out and turned it over so what you are looking at here is the Back, Spine and Front cover of the card in overview.

I have now turned the complete Card over and this is what you see when you open up the card. On the left you see a pocket with a Tag inside. On the right you see a decorated "Concertina Box" with more tags inside. I'll show you them in al their detail next.

First the left hand side pocket .....

I found some Clarinet music "The Entertainer" on the web and decided to make a Tag for inside the pocket.
I added some ribbon at the top of the tag to ease its removal from the pocket.

Now for the right hand side of the card ....

This photo shows you a little better the concertina box. It's a little like the musical squeeze boxes you will have seen. The folds allow the card to fit within the book and keep the tags inside upright - in between the slots.

This compilation photo shows you the decorated box and tags within it in more in more detail.

A closer view of all the bits and pieces. I added a Pewter key (For the celebration of Caitlin's 18th) and an Antique silver Treble Clef charm - for her love of Music.

Here you can see the "Spine" of the Book card in more detail.

Lastly the back of the book card in more detail .....

I found this 60mm wood letter at Spotlight, painted it in white craft paint and then decorated it with Black Rhinestones - it looked do effective on the card.

I also promised a video so here it is:

The main ingredients used to make this card:

Thanks for stopping by today - it was a long post and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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