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Made in Dorrigo Day - "Christmas in July" held on 14th July 2012

Hi, I promised to come back to you to tell you how my Card stall did at the Made in Dorrigo Day we had in our town today. Frits and I had a Fantastic time - well I did and he was such a good sport for helping me out. I do think he enjoyed chatting with people as they came by.

Our town has 1192 people in it, so for a town it is quite small. Dorrigo sits on a beautiful plateau found in the mid-north coast of New South Wales (on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia). We are, as a town, 762metres above sea level so we live on a little mountain really! Our Made in Dorrigo day was arranged to help celebrate "Christmas in July". As we get our winter at this time of the year, we and other places in Australia acknowledge this concept as a bit of fun.

We arrived at our designated spot at 7.00am and were set up fairly quickly.
Here is our stall, all set up and ready to go:

Even the Galah's got interested in all the activity in town; these pink and grey parrots are lovely to see and they visit this area quite frequently.

The Made in Dorrigo Day is also great for the local businesses in town; as people come to visit from near and far. They often say they are glad they came up the mountain to see us - we are glad to see them too!

You can see it start to get a little busy in the main street of town, as more people visit us - which is lovely, given that the weather was very changeable. All the locals said it wouldn't rain. You know what? We finished at 2.00pm and it started to very gently rain at 2.01pm - Perfect timing.

We were lucky in the placement of our stall, as we were close to a great little band playing lively and interesting music. Great voices too!

And look at Frits, being so good. He was such a Star . . . and look at that he even had his Dorrigo Hoody on! Very supportive in advertising our lovely little town. Just in case anyone got hungry we had a Great "Battered Fried Spicy Potato Twist" stall near us too. The smell was divine, drove us to distraction - so we just had to get one or two. All in support of the local town of course!

In the community hall we had demonstrations of leather work, making whips, bracelets, belts and a whole range of other items, as well as Wool spinning. Fingers need to be nimble to do this well. There were also articles of clothing made from this beautifully soft wool available to buy.

It was a very successful time for us. We sold lots of cards and this means we (I) can fund the purchase of replacements so I can make even more cards. Woohoo!

So no card today, however I hope you enjoyed hearing about (and seeing a little of) our Made in Dorrigo Day - Christmas in July event. I'll be back to posting a card tomorrow! Bye for now.

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  1. I love a good handcraft market and your stall looks fabulous!!! I'm glad you did so well!! I remember visiting Dorrigo a loooooooong time ago - a beautiful town!! :)


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